My Process

Stuart Grant will let you go through a certain process which will not just help you in getting the man of your dreams but also develop a better version of you. Check out the process he uses when helping women find their perfect match.


Before you start looking for the right man, a woman needs to go through a self-realization process. There will be some activities that will be conducted so you would know the real you.

Personality development

It is the next step in finding Mr. Right. He will help you develop your confidence to face the man of your dreams.

Men psychology

It is the time to learn all the things you need to know about guys. Through this process, you will learn to read the gestures and signals given by men if they like a girl or not.

The action

Once you are done with the different steps and learn it by heart, it is the time to put everything you learned through a test. You will indulge in a dating experience equipped with all the things you have learned.

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