The top 3 reasons why men lose their interest in a woman

Posted By on January 15, 2017

Women who suffered from a broken heart, often look in the mirror and ask themselves on what went wrong. Ladies will often wonder what happened why their guy just lost their interest. It’s time to answer that question that has given us many sleepless nights. Here are the top reasons why men lose interest.

1. Overweight

No matter how many times your man tells you that he loves you for who you are, once you get fat, they will walk out the door. Men want women who are confident about themselves. They also want cowboy dating the ladies who know how to take care of their body. Being fat as a reason why men lose interest is a little harsh, but we should face it because it’s reality.

2. Too much talking

There is nothing wrong if you are comfortable in talking to the guy you want. You just have to make sure that your talking skill is in moderation. If all you do is dominate the conversation all the time, the guy wouldn’t even want to meet you the second time around. Let the conversation flow naturally whereas the both of you have the chance to respond.

3. You are boring

No girl wants to hear that comment from guys because it will be a dagger in your ego. However, if you are someone who knows nothing to do but go to work and go straight home just to clean the house, that’s boring 101 for you. You need to learn how to explore the environment around you. Evaluate yourself about the things that interest you and start doing something about it. Don’t be just a routine for your man. You need to add some spice of adventure in your life.

If you ever look in the mirror again because a man broke your heart, check for these answers first. Learn to value yourself so that men will treasure you.