Electric shower problems – 5 most common faults

Posted By on August 29, 2017

Here at Sherlock every day we receive  emails and phone calls from people that  have faults with their electric showers  and so what what about to do here is  that run through the top five faults  with electric showers and give you some  idea of where to look to find it via the  problem is with it with the show  at number five the water is tepid or  there’s just not enough power in the  show the reason the show has said become  tepid or indeed there’s not enough power  from it is perhaps because of this  little chap here the microswitch this  mere Bunter inside and not be allowing  the power through to the elements or  indeed it could be an element itself  this is what the inside looks like and  basically one of the elements is Punto  and the shows only working 1/2 power  there should be a link appear somewhere  that 10 explains this in more detail at  number four the show is going hot and cold.

If your share is going hot and cold  that’s usually caused by not enough  water getting to the show so first of  all check that the valve coming to your  house is really open and the valve on  the link to the show is fully open if  they’re both fully open then it could be a problem with the flow valve that  actually comes into the show looks  something like that’s a fairly simple  one and these are slightly more complicated valves it could be one of  these that’s causing the problem and  needs replaced at number three the show  is absolutely cold  if the sheriff you’re sure is absolutely  called what could be causing it as this  chap here it’s a thermal cutter t co and  what happens is that if the shell  overheats it cuts the power off to the  elements if the show overheats only a  little it cuts off in a reset but if  this keeps happening over and over again  or indeed the show gets far too high cut  so completely and this will need to  replace we have a video that shows you  how to check these and there should be a  link on the screen number two there is  water coming from the bottom of the show.