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About Dating Agencies

Traditional matchmakers are passé. Dating agencies apart from being a common meeting ground for daters is safe for the applicants as you meet virtually and there is no compulsion to meet the person.

It is advisable however, that you get registered to a site, which charges for full membership. Since then, you can be sure the people you meet are serious about dating. Best dating sites will provide you with instant messaging, private email, chatrooms and sometimes voicemail facilities and information on how to make girlfriend.

Avoid agencies, which penalize you for blocking persons, and make sure they never re-bill your credit card.

Dating agencies allow you to select the people you want to interact with, and you can also remove yourself from the listings when you want to. The cost is very nominal. With such evident advantages, no wonder dating agencies are so popular.

Dating Statistics In Teen

A word of caution for the young little things that think that everything about dating and love relationships is rosy! Not so, and the many dating statistics in teens bear ample proofs of them.

Studies have revealed that 1 out of every 3 high school/college going females experience dating violence or are involved in abusive relationships. About 40% of teenage girls (aged between 14 and 17) admit of knowing someone of their age group, who has been battered by her boyfriend. Incidents of date rape and sexual assaults are common among teenagers.

Another finding is sure to send shivers down your spines! 7% of all murder-victims (in the year 1995) were young women who were killed by their boyfriends.

All this is not just to discourage young girls from going on dates, rather to make them aware of the consequences of going on a date with a wrong partner.…

Dating Statistics In USA

According to recent dating statistics more than seven million registered users are making use of online dating services in the hope to possess a perfect partner in life.

Out of the total number of users, 48% are men and 53% are women. Survey proves that most men are interested in average figured women and are not looking for those who are specifically bonny and all the more skinny.

Most surprisingly, a detailed analysis by the AARP in the year 2003 relates the fact that 35% of middle-aged American women have an intense liking for younger men. Statistics also proves that it is always better to get married rather than spending a life of complete isolation.

51% of American men spend more than $100 per month on dates and 48% of first dates end with a kiss.…

COMPROMISE in Relationship

Yes, happily ever after can happen, however, it is not the blissful, magical experience described in fairy tales. In the real world, lasting relationships take work, and compromise is the key.

It is human nature to take more than you are willing to give. This must change as you grow and attempt to strengthen the bonds of your intimate relationships.

This is not to say that you must always be the one to give in. No one is suggesting that you become a doormat. That is why compromise works so well; it demands that both partners give something up in order to take something from the exchange.

Granted, there are situations where compromise is not appropriate, such as when abuse is occurring. If that is the case, there is no room for compromise. You do not owe an abusive person a thing. The best thing you can do is remove yourself from the situation and move on.

Concerning day-to-day problems, on the other hand, compromise can be a huge step toward improving a relationship. Ask yourself some tough questions, and answer honestly.

Are you able to admit that your way is not the only suitable way of doing things? Are you willing to give up part of what you want in order to make the situation bearable for your partner? If you are not willing to meet the other person half way then how can you expect that person to give up what they want for you?

Sometimes compromise takes on another form. It has to do with beliefs. Perhaps you vote differently than your significant other does, and you have strong feelings about your political beliefs. Most likely, neither of you will change the other person’s mind. This form of compromise is called “agreeing to disagree.”

It may sound like an easy solution, but it is not always that easy. You may claim that your partner’s beliefs do not bother you, but far too often, you really want to change your partner’s mind.

You probably think that if you can just help your loved one see the situation from your perspective, your partner will turn around. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen, and the two of you will probably continue to butt heads.

You know that nobody is going to convince you that your feelings are wrong, so stop trying to convince your partner. Once your partner knows exactly where you stand on a particular issue, end the discussion. Do not continue trying to force your opinion. Learn to respect your partner’s opinion (no matter how wrong you might feel it is) and try not to allow yourself to become angry or upset. Do not go back to arguing over an issue that the two of you will never agree on. Pick your battles, because there certainly will be others.

Working through disagreements and differing opinions can be frustrating, but if you really want the relationship to work, you will find a way. Hold true to what you believe in and do not ever give that up for anyone, but don’t expect anyone to give up their beliefs for you.

If you and your partner cannot compromise on an issue and it is something that defines your core values, you may have to re-think the relationship. Such a relationship will be fraught with problems and issues that cannot be resolved. Think in terms of marriage, lifetime commitment, and trying to raise children with two very different belief systems in place. Are you willing to work that hard?…

Take a Chance on a Blind Date

Anyone who was or is single past the age of 20 has likely been set up on a blind date. We’ve all heard the horror stories; dates that were so awful people have sworn off blind dating forever. But blind dates don’t have to be terrible! They can actually be a lot of fun and a good way to meet some great people, if you know how to scout them out.

First and foremost, make sure that the person setting you up knows you well. Close friends, co-workers with good taste and a large circle of friends, or even relatives all likely know people who you would have a great time with. Chances are they haven’t even considered setting you up, so all you need to do is plant the idea in their heads and watch it take root. Once the topic comes up, tell them a few things you look for in a mate – humor, sensitivity, gainful employment – whatever is important to you. You’re not likely to end up with someone who meets every criteria you dream up, but relationships are all about compromise. Figure out what you’re willing to compromise on, and what you can’t or won’t.

A word of caution here: be wary of well-intentioned people who just want to see you in a relationship. They don’t really care who it is you’re with, they just think that being single must be lonely and want to see you hook up with someone. Anyone. Asking them to help you find a date is a big mistake, because they’ll set you up with the first single person of the opposite sex they come across, and they will take it personally if things don’t work out. They’ll also make it their personal mission to find you a match, and that can be excruciatingly difficult to get yourself out of once you’re in the thick of it.

When someone approaches you with their idea of the perfect blind date, ask questions. Is the person you’re being set up with outgoing? Does he or she have a job? Are they into any of the same things you’re into? Most importantly, have they been set up with many other people in the past? If someone is trying to sell you on a blind date with a person who makes a career out of blind dating, chances are they’re not “keeper” material. There’s a reason none of the dates have turned into steady relationships, and a good chance that your friend is suggesting this person because the serial blind dater has been pestering your friend to set them up again.

Now that you’ve got a date set up, it’s time for a bit of planning. Deciding where to go is the first step, and the location should be somewhere very public and lots of fun. A new restaurant, a bowling alley, a dance club, mini-putt, or any place there will be a lot of people and sufficient things to talk about when the conversation wanes.

You should never, ever agree to a first date with someone you’ve never laid eyes on at their home, or worse, yours. It’s tough to get out of sticky situations when you’re alone with someone, and even if your date has been highly recommended by someone you trust, you never know what could happen. Don’t take the chance. Keep it public until you’ve had a chance to get to know them.

Go into the date with a good attitude. Don’t assume it will be a huge disappointment, and conversely, don’t think you’re about to meet your future husband or wife. If you kick things off with the intention of having fun and getting to know someone new, you’ll have a much better time, be more relaxed, and be less disappointed if things don’t work out.

Once the date is underway, treat it like any other date. There’s nothing different about a blind date except for the way it was arranged, so now you’re on your own. If you have fun, arrange to see each other again. If not, you can always end the evening with, “It was great meeting you! Maybe we’ll run into each other again at Carol’s.” When the person that set you up asks how your evening went, be honest. If you didn’t like the person you were set up with tell them, and explain why. But leave yourself open to another date with someone new. Dating can be like fishing; you end up throwing a lot back, but eventually you’ll end up with a prize catch.

There’s no denying that there is a stigma attached to the whole experience of blind dating. But if you have a good attitude and let trusted friends help you out, you might find it’s not that horrible after all!…